Rhonda Towns

This lady’s all about breaking barriers in country music! Talented songbird Rhonda Towns was raised on Reba, Patsy, Loretta and Dolly…her roots run deep!

Her talent comes naturally, and Rhonda grew up during early years singing gospel and church music in her home state of Alabama and listening to music on the radio. Those influences showed up again strong recently in her 2021 single release “Walking in Your Wonderful Light,” which has made several U.S. charts in crossover categories and can be found on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and other digital or streaming services.

Phoenix-based for the past 20 years, the singer first made her mark in 2006 with the debut CD, I Wanna Be Loved By You. Featuring some of Nashville’s finest (including producers Harold Shedd, Norro Wilson and Jim Cotton), it hit nationwide and sent Rhonda out to make guest appearances at Wal-Marts and play gigs backed by top Nashville cats. She garnered airplay on more than 300 radio stations and played at Fanfare U.S.A., the Country Thunder festival and elsewhere.

Originally a fashion model for Maxwell House, Toyota, Dillards, Bounce, Mazda and others – a side career she still pursues part- time – Rhonda Towns just can’t get singing out of her blood. After a layoff for a couple years, she’s back at it and out there. A new EP is forthcoming. Check her out at your earliest opportunity.

Rhonda Towns Country full length


Rhonda Towns

Style: Classic country and a hint of gospel

Performs: With full band or solo backed by guitar or tracks


“Walking in Your Wonderful Light” (single)

I Wanna Be Loved by You (Dawn Records, 2006)

Samples: “Somethin’ Better”

Contact: Booking@SouthwestArtsMusic.com

Website: RhondaTowns.com