Posterchild is Matt Kahler: artist, producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Under his former moniker, rx Soul, he garnered more than 20 million plays on Spotify alone and opened concerts for Alternative chart-topping bands like SHAED, Bob Moses, and Missio.

Now, he looks forward. As Posterchild, he brings together his passion for left-field production, his knack for honest storytelling, and his soulful, nostalgic vocals to create something truly unique. A dynamic solo act who creates and then plays guitar and sings atop self-made “loops” (recorded live on the spot), he also leads a potent new band performing his own tunes and new spins on cool covers.

Posterchild – an incredible talent who seems destined to turn many more heads on a national scale.




Style: Contemporary pop-soul with an electronic edge

Performs: 3-piece band as well as one-of-a-kind solo format

Recordings: Watch for new single release


Posterchild Live Playlist

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