Peter Dalton Ronstadt

Peter Dalton Ronstadt is a writer and interpreter of song, a recording engineer and producer, a poet and lyricist. An all-around, post-modern songster from the great American Southwest. A fifth-generation Ronstadt from Tucson, he’s son of the late Michael J. Ronstadt, nephew of Linda Ronstadt, and great grandson of Federico Jose Maria Ronstadt. He plays the bass, guitar, banjo and tuba and sings.

His current band, P.D. Ronstadt & The Company, paints a musical picture with influences from his native Tucson, the Southwest, nearby Mexico, collected favorites, songs of his father, and new songs that draw inspiration from all the elements of his upbringing. It’s a lush tapestry of instruments combining unique arrangements as the band charts a musical journey through the region.

To be sure, this young talent brings with him a true family legacy for great music. Peter was part of the Ronstadt Generations band with his dad Michael, he continues to perform in a family group The Ronstadt Brothers and he holds forth often as a solo artist, singing and playing guitar while providing his own percussion with a Pennsylvania Stompbox. He’s also part of a super-new duo called Liz & Pete, a pairing with soulful singer Liz Cerepanya, formerly of the band Big Grin.

Peter Dalton Ronstadt


Peter Dalton Ronstadt

Style: Acoustic folk-rock with strong Southwest influences

Performs: Solo, duo and with 4-piece band


Prelude by Ronstadt Generations (CD Baby, 2012)

Epilogue by Ronstadt Generations (CD Baby, 2014)


Samples: “Beautiful Stranger”