Mark J. Herrick's

Kid-Friendly Approach to Learning Music!

Major Harmony is a great new tool to help teach music to kids! Its colorful and surprisingly simple methodology features the patented Harmony Matrix®, which has been called a “master key to music” by experts involved in its R&D. Used alongside conventional teaching, there could be a long-lasting, positive impact on children who learn music in this way.

Major Harmony is a fun cartoon character who leads the way toward establishing “harmony” in more than one way. He’s featured on Major Harmony’s Easy Music Chart. Developed by author, illustrator and musician Mark J. Herrick, the Easy Music Chart is a great way to get started. It’s a super reference tool to mount on the wall near your child’s keyboard as they learn how to make Major and minor chords – and any other chord known to man!

Major Harmony

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