Born LauRha Frankfort and raised on the East Coast, multi-talented multi-instrumentalist LauRha was brought up around music and intuitively picked up a fascination with sound at a young age. Luckily for us, she’s been an Arizona stereotype smasher for years.

Perhaps most striking is LauRha’s mastery of the rare Chinese zither, which emits ancient stringed musical colors and images as if from another place and time. The instrument can create a calming atmosphere and an artistic experience, yet she improvises totally new music on it as well. As a Qi Gong instructor, LauRha uses the meditative qualities of the zither as a healing element in daily workshops she presents.

Remarkably, LauRha is also a virtuoso on alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet, guitar and piano, bringing an element of jazz or classical to whatever instrument she touches. Some of her live performances include all of the above! For certain situations, LauRha uses looping technology, laying down a tapestry of new and old sounds to create a refreshing mix.

If you want a magical, other-worldly vibe for your event, LauRha is all of that.



Style: Meditative instrumentals with hints of jazz and classical

Performs: Solo Chinese zither, other improvised formats


Saved by Music (2014)

Samples: Skip Hop Zither by LauRha